In Press

Physiotherapy Quarterly 25(2) 2017

Bruna de Sousa Paganini, Franciele da Silva Pereira, Karoline Sousa Scarabelot, Janeisa Franck Virtuoso
Occurrence of urinary incontinence and function of pelvic floor muscles in athletes: case series

Barbara Ban, France Sevšek, Darja Rugelj
A Comparison of Ceiling Effect Between Berg Balance Scale and Mini-BESTest in a Group of Balance Trained, Community-Dwelling Older Adults

Julia Roshko, Dorota Wójtowicz, Agnieszka Ptak, Agnieszka Dębiec-Bąk, Anna Skrzek
The efficiency of rehabilitating children with mental retardation between two and six for eating

Marcin Urbaniak, Aleksandra Kisilewicz, Sebastian Klich
Diaphragm postural function case report

Amr Almaz Abdel-Aziem, Amira Hussin Draz, Dalia Mohammed Mosaad
The long-term effects of static stretching at different time-of-day on hamstring peak torque and flexibility of trained individuals